OECD/ICT/EXD/PCM/PAC/PUB/04/172 Closing date: 22nd December 2004 - 11h00 Paris time
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RESPONSE QUESTIONS: D - Other Questions submitted by Interested Parties- 20
RESPONSE - QUESTIONS D - Thu 16 Dec 2004 QD1 Number subscribers to SourceOECD QD2 Price List Flexibility QD3 Details Required about On-line Customers QD4 Frequency Online Updates QD5 Numbers of subscribers QD6 Integrated books/journals distribution QD7 Do you want to see unit rates or do you want one flat annual fee QD8 Total warehouse space for physical products QD9 Value of the physical inventory being stored QD10 Volumes and specifications for on-demand printing QD11 Use of bar-codes QD12 Conversion - Number records to be converted QD13 Conversion - Type of conversion QD14 Conversion - File Consolidation QD15 Conversion -Address Cleansing QD16 Conversion - Sample File QD17 Number of Consortia Accounts QD18 Transaction Refunds QD19 Registration under a Data Protection Act QD20 Estimate Postage costs QD1 NUMBER SUBSCRIBERS SOURCEOECD Q: Please give the number of subscribers to SourceOECD. Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: 1.445 > QD2 PRICE LIST FLEXIBILITY Q: Is there a set price list or is each sale individually negotiated? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: There is a set price list for SourceOECD subscriptions. Regarding > consortia each deal is negotiated individually. > QD3 DETAILS REQUIRED ON ONLINE CUSTOMERS Q: What information do you want us to capture about these online customers, e.g. IP addresses, user names and passwords. Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: Complete address, all communication numbers and e-mail address, > IP-address and/or IP- address ranges > QD4 FREQUENCY ONLINE UPDATES Q How and how often will this information being passed to the online host. Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: Automated, based on requirements of the online host and daily > QD5 SUBSCRIBER NUMBERS Q Please give numbers of subscribers for each of their print subscription products broken down by region, i.e. Europe, US, Japan, Rest of World and whether they are institutional or personal subscribers. > A: No subscribers' breakdown available for institutional and personal > subscrib-ers. > Address types used in general: > Others, Agent, Bookseller, Consortia, Corporate, Distributor, Individuals, > Government, International Organisation, Public Library, University, > Datare-seller > > Active subscription at the date of 31/10/2004: > > Country_Group Quantity > AFRICA 109 > CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA 350 > EASTERN EUROPE 255 > FAR EAST 3603 > INDIAN CONTINENT 37 > MIDDLE EAST 82 > NORTH AMERICA 4303 > UK 2970 > WESTERN EUROPE 8567 > Total 20276 > QD6 INTEGRATED DISTRIBUTION REQUIREMENT Q: Do you require a fully integrated books/journals distribution? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: Yes > > We don't see any advantage of a distinguished approach. Some of our jour-nals > are also sold as periodicals as well as books. In view of stock manage-ment > but above all in view of customer service we do expect a fully integrated > service. > QD7 PRICING RESPONSE Q: Do you want to see unit rates or do you want one flat annual fee? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: See CfT: ARTICLE 3 PRESENTATION, SUBMISSION AND CONTENTS OF TENDERS, > 3.1 TENDER PRESENTATION AND CONDITIONS OF SUBMISSION > > The quotation must be structured as follows: > A Implementation fee > B Annual service fee > C Distribution costs (postage, carriage charges, packing material etc.) based > on business volumes 2003 > D Price list for possible additional services not defined in the Call for > Tender. > QD8 TOTAL WAREHOUSE SPACE Q How many skids or total warehouse space will be required for physical products? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > > A: Linear meters of storage are about 2.600 > QD9 VALUE OF PHYSICAL INVENTORY Q: What is the value of the physical inventory being stored? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: At the end of December 2003: > 7.788 products > 425.364 copies for products (in all 'warehouses' including those maintained > by the OECD) > EURO: 20.962.281 taken into account the sales price of the product > QD10 ON-DEMAND PRINTING Q: Can you provide volumes and specifications for on-demand printing ? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > > A: Not yet available and under consideration. > QD11 BAR-CODED ORDER PROCESSING Q: Is bar-coded order processing and inventory control required ? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: Yes > QD12 WHAT CONVERSION IS REQUIRED - NUMBER RECORDS Q: Conversion - How many records will be converted? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: 2003 Fiqures > > Client addresses about 69,000 > Active client accounts about 39,000 > Ad hoc sale lines about 81,000 > Active subscriptions about 21,500 > Subscription and standing order lines about 182,000 > QD13 WHAT CONVERSION IS REQUIRED - TYPE OF CONVERSION Q What type of items will be converted, such as order information, accounting invoice information and/or product information? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A 1 Address data > 2 Order data (Ad Hoc order and subscription and standing order lines) > 3 Accounting invoice data (client accounts and general ledgers) > 4 Product data > QD14 WHAT CONVERSION IS REQUIRED - FILE CONSOLIDATION Q Is the conversion file consolidated between your world re-gions? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A Yes > QD15 WHAT CONVERSION IS REQUIRED - ADDRESS CLEANSING Q Does it require address cleansing and the removal of duplicates? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A No > QD16 WHAT CONVERSION IS REQUIRED - SAMPLE FILE Q Is it possible to receive a sample file of this information? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A Not at the current stage > QD17 NUMBER CONSORTIA ACCOUNTS Q Q: How many Consortia Accounts do you have? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: 14 consortia accounts with currently 300 participants > QD18 TRANSACTION REFUNDS Q Will OECD's Treasury Division be handling all refund transactions including credit card refunds? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: All refunds will handled by the OECD according to information and > docu-ments provided by the Contractor. > QD19 REGISTRATION UNDER A DATA PROTECTION ACT Q It was recommended to handle this contractually with OECD. Would this be acceptable to OECD? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: Yes > QD20 COST OF POSTAGE Q Can we use the postage amount spent in 2003 for this purpose? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: No >

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