OECD/ICT/EXD/PCM/PAC/PUB/04/172 Closing date: 22nd December 2004 - 11h00 Paris time
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RESPONSE QUESTIONS: A - Fri 12 Nov 2004 - 5
RESPONSE - QUESTIONS A - Thu 16 Dec 2004 There are 5 initial questions QA1 Response from Consortium ? QA2 Joint venture to implement XML Standard ? QA3 Intellectual Property - who will be evaluating technical issues ? QA4 Which world-wide standard ? QA5 Response include Royalties for new business ? QA1 RESPONSE FROM CONSORTIUM ? This refers to Section B - Scope of Tender - Article 1 "The Call for Tender covers all services that may have to be performed, although clearly the tenderer must only reply to this Call for Tender in respect of work that he is capable of performing within his enterprise". Q Will OECD accept a response from a consortium for the full tender if all of the requirements of the tender are met ? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: No > See CfT: ARTICLE 1 SCOPE OF THE CALL FOR TENDER > > "The main objective is to sub-contract and to centralize, worldwide, in one > hand, " > QA2 JOINT VENTURE TO IMPLMENT XML STANDARD ? In 1999 the United Nations EDI Standards Committee combined with the United States of America Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards [OASIS] to promoted XML Standards for Electronic Business Q Would OECD be prepared to consider a joint-venture to implement a full XML Compliant system that could be licensed to other similar organisations ? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: No > AQ3 WHO WILL BE EVALUATING DETAILED TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION ? This refers to Section B - Scope of Tender - Article 3 paragraph j "j A detailed description how data/information is exchanged with the OECD, OECD Centres, other entitled OECD bodies, Business to Business (B2B) and to customers (B2C)" Q Who will be evaluating the detailed description - will it be a technical committee or an individual within OECD ? This question is asked as the response may include detailed explanations about Intellectual Property methodologies Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: Detailed descriptions will be evaluated by a committee. > QA4 WHICH WORLD-WIDE STANDARD ? This refers to Section B - Scope of Tender - Article 3 paragraph k "k A detailed description of the configuration of the customer-file and the ability to meet worldwide standard in address management" Q What worldwide standard in nominated for address management ? There are currently two standards (ISO 9375 and ANSI-X12) with different address structures. EDIFACT ISO 9375 (the European Standard) has certain deficiencies for address management and ANSI X-12 (the US Standard) has a number of other deficiencies for your requirements. Unfortunately in 1996 Federal United States Government [USA] legislated that all USA Federal, State and Local Government Agencies have to use ANSI-X12 for financial transactions hence there may be a need to accommodate both standards unless the Federal USA legislation is changed Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: Currently we don't have agreed on a certain worldwide standard. It is > im-portant that the addresses do carry all necessary information required for > our purposes which we will judge upon by looking into the address manage-ment > of each tenderer being on the short list. > AQ5 CAN RESPONSE INCLUDE ROYALTIES ON NEW BUSINESS SALES ? This refers to Section C Scope of Tender - Article 2 World-wide Share ARTICLE 2 WORLDWIDE SHARE OF BUSINESS IN 2003 1 Africa 0.1% 2 Central and South America 3.0% 3 Eastern Europe 0.6% 4 Far East 22.0% 5 Indian Continent 0.1% 6 Middle East 0.2% 7 North America 26.0% 8 Western Europe 47.0% Q Would OECD be prepared to consider a response whereby royalties for new business was part of the 5 year contract ? Received 16 Dec 2004 > > A: No >

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