OECD/ICT/EXD/PCM/PAC/PUB/04/172 Closing date: 13th December 2004 - 11h00 Paris time
QUESTIONS: C - Mon 29 Nov 2004 - 3
19:24 Mon 29 Nov 2004 REF:2OCBCQN3 OECD/ICT/EXD/PCM/PAC/PUB/04/172 TO: Véronique CHAMART cc OIC Management Committee Procurement Division ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT Bonjour Véronique - further to the telephone call from Nigel ROTH Thu 25 Jul 2004 we were anticipating a response to the questions submitted on Fri 12 Nov and Fri 19 Nov 2004. However we appreciate that there could be a significant number of questions hence there could be a delay. There are 3 additional questions submitted by OIC Members. These questions are: QUESTIONS C 1 What is the budget estimate for the project 1 Hardware 2 Software development 3 Training and implementation 2 Evaluation of practical experience 3 Demonstration of: 1 electronic subscription system 2 electronic payment system and 3 electronic distribution systems QC1 WHAT IS THE BUDGET ? Are you prepared to provide an indication of the OECD Budget for this project 1 New Hardware 2 Software development 3 Communication costs 4 Printing and Distribution costs 5 Training and Implementation costs 6 Other QC2 EVALUATION OF PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE ? The OECD tender focuses on the current distribution of printed documents. There is no indication in the tender of any weighting for an on-line subscription, payment and distribution system. The tender provides 12 months for the successful applicant to develop the system for OECD. Depending on the budget allocated for the project it may take 12 months just to review current equipment, processes and re-train personnel to use the new system once it has been developed. Is the OECD prepared to disclose its weighting structure for tender responses ? Is there any additional weighting for a response that stimulates Economic Co-operation and Development with emerging nations ? QC3 DEMONSTRATION OF APPLICATION KNOWLEDGE ? OIC members have been immersed in e-commerce technical and practical issues over the last 5 years with the developments within the OIC. OIC Members would like to demonstrate the applications that have been developed which appear to meet many of the on-line requirements defined by the OECD Specification. In particular OIC members would like to provide as part of a demonstration the knowledge and experience required for: 1 The OECD Numbering System 2 Order processing for SourceOECD 3 an Understanding of International Standards 4 The Subscription System 5 The On-line distribution system Will Organisations that submit a tender response be provided with an opportunity to demonstrate their capability during the tender appraisal process ? NEXT STEPS If are able to respond to these questions we will place them on the OIC Web-site for this tender. Thank you regards Stevan GILLMORE OECD Tender Information Co-ordinator OPEN INTERCHANGE CONSORTIUM 20:23 M 2004/11/29 Syd 2065 E: T: {61){2) 9953-7412 W:

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