OECD/ICT/EXD/PCM/PAC/PUB/04/172 Closing date: 13th December 2004 - 11h00 Paris time
A FOREWORD ARTICLE 1 - About the OECD ARTICLE 2 - OECD Centres B SCOPE OF THE CALL FOR TENDER ARTICLE 1 Scope of the Call for Tender ARTICLE 2 Terms and Conditions of the Call for Tender 2.1 Composition of the call for tender file 2.2 Tenders 2.3 Tender validity 2.4 Additional information 2.5 Acceptance and rejection of tenders 2.6 Modification and cancellation of the call for tender 2.7 Postponement of deadline for submitting tenders 2.8. Payment for tenders ARTICLE 3 Presentation, submission and contents of tenders 3.1 Tender presentation and conditions of submission 3.2 Contents of the tender ARTICLE 4 Main selection criteria 4.1 Experiences in science, technology and medical publishing business 4.2 Handling of requirements for online services 4.3 Technical and service specifications 4.4 Financial health 4.5 Staff language skills 4.6 Use of languages for documents ARTICLE 5 Information for Tenderers C BASIC INFORMATION ARTICLE 1 Business Volumes in 2003 1.1. Volumes 1.2 Accounting figures a Credit Account Transactions b Credit Card Transactions c Sales Ledger Receipts ARTICLE 2 Worldwide Share of Business in 2003 ARTICLE 3 Publications and Online Services 3.1 SourceOECD 3.2 Periodicals 3.3 Standing Orders 3.4 Regulars 3.5 Series 3.6 Loose Leafs 3.7 OECD Numbering System ARTICLE 4 OECD Credit Policy for Sales of Publications ARTICLE 5 General Discounts D GENERAL CONDITIONS OF THE CONTRACT ARTICLE 1 Term of the Contract ARTICLE 2 Obligations of the Contractor throughout the term ARTICLE 3 General rights and duties of the Contractor and the Organisation ARTICLE 4 Charges ARTICLE 5 Payments ARTICLE 6 Liabilities ARTICLE 7 Intellectual Property ARTICLE 8 Confidentiality ARTICLE 9 Termination ARTICLE 10 Expiry or Termination Consequences ARTICLE 11 Notices ARTICLE 12 Assignment ARTICLE 13 Status ARTICLE 14 Severability ARTICLE 15 Arbitration ARTICLE 16 Waiver ARTICLE 17 Force Majeure E TECHNICAL AND SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS ARTICLE 1 - Essential Requirements 1.1 Customer Service 1.2 Online Availability of All Information and Reports 1.3 Software Systems Developments, Enhancements and Additional Tasks 1.4 United States of America Branch 1.5 Postage, Packing Materials and Carriage Charges ARTICLE 2 - Other Requirements 2.1 General 2.2 Order Processing and Despatch 2.3 Order Processing for SourceOECD 2.4 Order Processing for Consortia Deals 2.5 Online Bookshop Order Processing 2.6 Invoicing 2.7 Credit Control and Payment Processing 2.8 Warehousing and Stock Control 2.9 Finance and Accounting Requirements 2.10 Reporting 2.11 Backups 2.12 Archive System 2.13 Royalties 2.14 Audit Requirements 2.15 Performance Monitoring 2.16 Contract Management RUBAC Electronic Information Management Methodology Copyright of Hamme Family Trust

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