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TO:	Duane NICKULL			cc	HIN Consultants   
	Vice-Chair UN/CEFACT			OIC Management Committee   


Duane - here are some suggestions for:   

i	25	Insert New Slide 	International Payment Process   

The proposal is that Business processes that involve International Payments should be UN/CEFACT
Managed and be part of UN eDocs.   

As Bilateral Free Trade Agreements [FTA] are being signed by many countries it may be necessary
for UN/CEFACT to be involved with the Tender Documentation flows, tender structures and PAYMENTS
particularly if they include International Property Royalties.   

There are a number of issues to be consider why it needs UN involvement:   

1	The main credit Card Companies namely Amex (A), Diners {D), Mastercard (M) or Visa (V) 
	will not agree a standard payments process whereby a code will re-direct payment to the 
	appropriate credit card  

	Credit card payments is a very simple XML format   

	Card Type			 1   
	Card Member			50   
	Card Number			16   
	Card Expiry			 4   
	Card Id			 	 4   
	Amount				 7   
2	Although there are 3 global networks that have standardised on codes that all their 
	members use   

	1	Banks via SWIFT,    

	2	Insurance via RINET and    

	3	Superannuation via ISFA   

	The Credit Cards companies will not agree to a standard format for Payments   

3	Developing Countries are known to over-invoice and try to channel funds out of the 

	> I got your address while as the head of a delegation on a trade Mission 
	> to your country last year in my search for a reliable individual/company who can handle
	> a strictly confidential transaction, which involves the transfer of a reasonable sum 
	> of money to a foreign account   
	> This amount of money is total sum of US$42,000000.00 (Forty Two Million United States 
	> Dollars), alrady extracted from various contracts awarded by my Ministry as a result of 
	> deliberate over-invoicing based on a mutual understanding reached between me and the 
	> contractors hat were awarded these contracts.   
	> The money is now floating in the source of security company waiting claim by Foreign
	> Partner which status we now want you to assume. In my last meeting with other officials 
	> involved, it was unanimously agreed that 30% of the total sum will be given to you.  
	> 60% will be for my colleague, and me.   While 10% will he used to reimburse the
	> expenses that may be incurred in the processing of the transfer.   
	> I assure you the transaction is 100% risk free as we have concluded every arrangement
	> to protect the interest of every one involved. Likewise, all modalities for the 
	> successful transfer of this money have been worked out to facilitate the remittance 
	> of this money to your designated account.      

4	The International Payments process could be based on a UN backed International Official
	Unit [IOU]. 
	The IOU could be based on an e-credits system which will allow the poor and 
	disadvantaged in developing countries to earn e-credits by working for companies 
	prepared to verify the work and not channeled out through over-invoicing   

5	This e-Credits system has been implemented by the OIC for Special Interest Group 

	The e-credits comprise:   

	Type Credit		Assocation Asset	Member Assets		Individual IPRs   

A	Accommodation   
E	Entertainment   
F	Financial   
H	Health   
L	Learning   
N	Nourishment   
T	Travel   


Duane - an e-credits system is the only way poor and developing countries are going to be able
to raise their living standard without being placed into perpetual debt to the IMF, World 
Development Bank etc   

The UN is the only organisation that may be able to do that in the near future   

What do you think ?   


Stephen GOULD   
Partner e-Projects   
11:12 W 2004/09/22 Syd 2089   

Time and date has to be linked to a universal location code or GPS    
so that the time differences can be automatically calculated for    
e-commerce transactions    

E:	sggould@halisa.net   
W:	http://www.halisa-eu.net/G/C 

> I think that the UN is better equipped to deal with this issue.  I have    
> been working with UN/CEFACT for a while and recently got elected   
> as vice chair.  Attached is a "DRAFT" PPT explaining our vision.   
> Please also consider that these are DRAFT slides and are not approved    
>  by the UN yet.  The comments are most welcome however as we go    
>  forward to develop the slides.   
> I'll send out a later draft copy next week.   

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