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TO:	Duane NICKULL			cc	HIN Consultants   
	Vice-Chair UN/CEFACT			OIC Management Committee   


Duane - here are some suggestions for:

s	21		The Role of Global Registries

Global Registries are perceived as the Pillars to support Global Electronic Commerce. 

The Foundations are:

1	Electronic Standards
2	Electronic Policies - eg using VANS, Electronic Notaries etc
3	Electronic Rules

As the experience with E-commerce and the Ports in Australia* has shown, Management Awareness 
is a very critical issue hence the suggestion to include Awareness, Education & Training as 
part of the Global Registry Functions.

* Ref Ben ANSON {Port of Sydney E-commerce Consultant} submission Australian Federal Treasury 
Public Consultation Best Practice Model [BPM] for E-commerce Nov 2003

At the moment there are 13 Functions.  The suggestions are:

1	Add 3 Functions - Awareness, Education & Training

2	Explain the difference between each Function

3	Outsource all Awareness, Education & Training


It would be useful to explain the purpose of each function
1	Content Creation & Capture

2	Content Management

3	Records & Asset Management

4	Content Organisation

5	Manage Content Use

6	Metadata Management

7	Content Repurposing & Publishing

8	User Management

9	Search & Browse

10	System Configuration

11	System Administration

12	Workflow Management

13	Management Reporting


14	Awareness Program - Promoting awareness of Global Registries

	1	Regular Articles on Global Registries
	2	Marketing Strategy - Policies
	3	Outsourced but Managed by Country GR Manager

15	Education Program - Education Progams on Global Registries

	1	Industry Programs on how Industry uses GR					
	2	Regular 12 month cycle of Management Education				
	3	Outsourced but Managed by Industry GR 
16	Training Program - Training people who to use Global Registries

	1	Industry Programs on how Industry uses GR					
	2	Regular 12 month cycle Operations & Support training programs 	
	3	Outsourced but Managed by Industry GR 


What do you think ?


Stephen GOULD
Partner e-Projects
09:01 W 2004/09/22 Syd 2089 

Time and date has to be linked to a universal location code or GPS  
so that the time differences can be automatically calculated for  
e-commerce transactions  

E:	sggould@halisa.net
W:	SGG Expertise in Ecommerce   

> I think that the UN is better equipped to deal with this issue.  I have    
> been working with UN/CEFACT for a while and recently got elected   
> as vice chair.  Attached is a "DRAFT" PPT explaining our vision.   
> Please also consider that these are DRAFT slides and are not approved    
>  by the UN yet.  The comments are most welcome however as we go    
>  forward to develop the slides.   
> I'll send out a later draft copy next week.   

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