These modules have been developed by a number of IT and Management Consultants involved with 
the Internet including members of the Open Interchange Consortium [OIC], the Organisation 
for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards [OASIS] and the Halisa International 
Network [HIN].

These modules can be licensed on a no-fee or charge basis provided the software developer or
end-user is a registered licensee with an approved RUBAC [Rational Universal Business Automation
Code] Registry. 

These Registries will be able to provide a number of services for members that wish to engage 
in Electronic Business Information Interchange including:

1	a record of coding fields that a software developer has included in a software package

2	provide a certificate of EII Compliance for Mandatory fields in the software

3	An update of changes, applications and developments in EII classifications

4	Electronic Notary for business information interchange

5	Automated backup for SME members

6	Disaster Recovery capability

7	E-business Dispute Resolution

The RUBAC code was researched and developed to assist software developers to provide effective 
Electronic Information Interchange [EII] for Small and Medium-size Enterprises [SMEs] and Small 
& Medium-size Organisations [SMOs].

SMEs AND SMOs normally do not have in-house Information Technology expertise and tend to 
purchase/licence software packages.  

The larger Organisations with IT Departments will have the expertise to develop the interfaces 
to link the electronic information exchanged with SMEs and SMOs into the Large Organisation
information repositories.   

Approved RUBAC Registry list 


A - Organisation Details
Aa - Type of Business
Ab - Business Location
Ac - Postal Contact Details
Ad - Business Tel & Fax Communication Details
Ae - Business email Communication Details
Af - Business Mobile Communication Details
Ag - Business Website Details

G - Applicant Details
Ga - Individual Name and Authority details
Gb - Individual Location
Gc - IndividualPostal Contact Details
Gd - Individual Tel & Fax Communication Details
Ge - Individual email Communication Details
Gf - Individual Mobile Communication Details
Gg - Individual Website Details

Q - Payment Details
Qa - Electronic Payment by Credit Card
Qb - Electronic Payment by Direct Credit

T - Electronic Tenders
Ta - Tender Details
Tb - Organisation Details
Tc - Tender Lodgment Details
Td - Tender PO Box Details
Te - Tender Briefing Session Details
Tf - Tender Documentation Officer Details
Tg - Tender Project Manager Details
Th - Tender General Contact Details
Ti - Tender Project Manager Details
Tj - Tender Contact Details
Tk - Tender Contact Address

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