These are the services that the OIC will be providing for members. It is envisaged that the OIC will research, develop and implement a system that will enable members to electronically access information and register for events.

The new system will be called Electronic Association Information Management [EAIM]

This system will be available under licence for other Associations and Societies to use for enhancement as an export of intellectual property product and services.

Member Services

  1. Exchange of ideas and contact point for information

  2. Update on market developments and skill development

  3. Broad base of contacts

  4. Specific issues knowledge and expertise in:
    1. Solutions
    2. Implementations
    3. Legislative Issues
    4. Social Issues

  5. Opportunities to integrate experience and products to develop products and services for long term revenue. This will be achieved through a matrix of projects and interest groups.

Mandates from Members

The following unanimous mandates were received at the
1996 AGM:
  1. The OIC actively works with other Associations to increase awareness of Electronic Information Technologies (EIT)

  2. Each member to act as contact liaison for 5 associations until secretariat established. The secretariat was established on 01/08/1997

  3. The time and contributions by each member and its representatives are to be recorded as Intellectual Property Assets of the OIC and each member representative and their organisation are to accumulate Credits for participation and contributions to raising awareness of EIT issues

  4. The OIC researches, develops and implements an Electronic Association Information Mangement (EAIM) System.